Black Mold

What is black mold and how do I treat it?

Black mold is easily identifiable by its very dark black color and often caused by particularly warm, humid, and damp conditions. Basements or crawl spaces that may have leaks or other sources of moisture are often susceptible to this type of mold growth. Homeowners often cringe when they hear the words black mold as it often means a potential health danger to their families and/or pricey repair.

Pictured here is a photo of black mold on sheet rock in one of our client’s home. Upon our mold inspection, we discovered that the top of one cellar window was not properly sealed along the sill plate of the house. As a result, black mold grew with several years of continuous cold air entering the warm wall system. In this case, a costly repair could have been avoided by completing a visual inspection for all areas of potential air infiltration of the home.

What are the risks of black mold?

Exposure to black mold can cause allergic reactions and several health problems, yet preventing and controlling mold growth are a homeowner’s best defense. Regular and proper inspections by a professionals are the best proactive course of action you can take to ward your home against the dangers of mold.

Service Area for Mold and Waterproofing Consultation

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