Roof and Foundation Waterproofing

What are the most important structural elements in my home?

Most people don’t often think about the structural aspects of their homes in the way they do colors, flooring, or even the kitchen sink. Yet, if you don’t pay attention to, and care for your home’s structure, everything inside doesn’t really matter. The two most important components of your home’s structure are the foundation and the roof.

Solutions for Roof and Foundation Waterproofing

We, at Maine Moisture Management, specialize in preventative maintenance for your entire building envelope system, inspection, and repair of these two key elements in your home. Maine Moisture Management, most importantly, provides solutions for roof and foundation waterproofing needs. Water can reek havoc on your home or commercial building, and it’s our job to make sure your building stays free from water intrusions.

Service Area for Waterproofing Consultation

We offer waterproofing consultation to three states. Please contact us for your Building Envelope Systems needs in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts at 207-754-7419 or contact us via our email form.