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EPDM Roofing Issues explained by your Roofing Consultants in Maine

Particularly all issues with EPDM Roofing are caused by improper flashing details. The following are few such examples of why hiring a roofing consultant is important.


In this case neither the skylight nor the structure above was remove so that the skylight could be properly flashed. The membrane base flashing needs to be a minimum of 8 inches above the finished roof surface and as you can see this is not the case. With the skylight removed the metal cap flashing could have been installed so that its rear leg would be installed beneath the skylight cover.

Roof to Wall

These pictures show us that once again the base flashing is not a minimum of 8 inches above the roof surface as well as the use of termination bars in lieu of a metal cap flashing. Even though termination bars are acceptable by all major membrane manufactures we feel they should only be used as a last resort. In the case of the granite sill the flashing should have been installed to the top of the curb, a reglet cut in between the granite and stucco siding joint, and a metal cap flashing installed into the reglet with an appropriate caulking.

The second photo shows a flashing onto a wood surface with a termination bar used along the leading edge. As wood absorbs moisture base flashing should never be terminated on its surface. The wood trim piece needs to be removed, the wall properly flashed and terminated and lastly the wood trim reinstalled with an appropriate caulking between the wood trim and flashing membrane.

Difficult Flashing Details

This picture shows a space approximately 12 inches in width between two structures. The original installation was completed as best that it could be based upon the situation. The better situation would have been to tie the two separate structures together by creating a continuous wall from the free standing one to the main building.

This would allow for the proper flashing of the main roof to the free standing and main structures. By tying the two structures together we would be creating a dead air space between the two so proper ventilation would need to be installed to eliminate any condensation and related mold buildup.

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