Construction Consultant

Our Construction Consultant Services for Building Envelopes are Top Notch

Our highly experienced construction consultant combines hands-on knowledge with unrivaled experience in building envelope systems. We offer the following construction consultant services for you building envelope:

Div. 7 Specification Review

Submittal & Shop Drawing Review

Interim Roof Inspections

Interim Wall System Inspections

Interim Air Barrier/Vapor Barrier Inspections

Interim Waterproofing System Inspections

Inspection & Review of Existing Problematic Roof & Wall Systems

The success or failure of your building envelope, including waterproofing, cladding, glazing, roofing, wall systems and air/vapor barriers, can have a major impact on the outcome of your construction project. Your building or its developers and builders may be subject to litigation, the loss of energy efficiency, insurability, moisture intrusion and natural disasters that can all threaten your building investment.

Verification and reviewing of all the systems related to air/vapor barriers, roofing, flashing, wall systems, and waterproofing is extremely important so that they all perform in conjunction with one another.

Why you need construction consultants

To avoid issues such as metal wall panel buckling, you should hire seasoned construction consultants like Maine Moisture Management, LLC. Our construction consultant will save you headaches and money by catching issues in your building envelope systems before you get to far along.

What has changed and why do I need a building envelope construction consultant?  

A lot has changed over the years. Building codes have changed significantly, manufactured products and materials have evolved and the final products have evolved to meet today's standards.  Over the years, buildings have become more and more energy efficient through the tightening of our structures via envelope systems, and we have learned what to do and what not to do.

More and more professionals are involved in litigation over building enclosure issues than any other claim. Hiring Maine Moisture Management, LLC as your construction consultant for building envelope systems is a smart move.

Our construction consultant would be happy to hear from you. Our prime focus is establishing outstanding customer service while protecting your building envelopes from common failures. We are the experts in building envelope systems and you can count on us to do things the right way.

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